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Ready to change the world but not sure how to use the app? We got you covered! Just choose from the table of contents below and we’ll walk you through, step by step.

Table of Contents Description
Triggered Donations donate to your favorite non-profit organization using everyday purchases
Recurring Donations donate to your favorite non-profit organization through set intervals
One Time Donations donate to your favorite non-profit organization
Ways to Search learn the different ways you can search for a non-profit organization
Add Payment Methods add payment methods to your SpareChange account


Have questions about SpareChange? Feel free to send us a message using the Support Request Form above, or check out from the frequently asked questions below:


Why does the app open Safari for certain actions?

In accordance with rules and regulations imposed by the AppStore App Review Guidelines, donations cannot be processed directly in the app. As such, we took parts of the application, such as “Triggers” and “Donation Confirmation”, and open secured browsing¬†sessions to comply with the rules and ensure the experience is safe and delightful to our users.

Where do I go to learn how to use the app?

Our guides can be found here!

How do you have access to 1.9+ million non-profit data?

We have a partnership with Guidestar, who provides us with that data. Check out their site to learn more.


What do you use to monitor my transactions?

SpareChange uses Plaid to read through transactions and identify which ones should activate triggers in your account. For more information, please visit their site.

What do you use to process my payments?

SpareChange uses Stripe to process donations. For more information, please visit their site.


How secure is this?

SpareChange doesn’t store credentials and other sensitive data that would put your information at risk should we get compromised. Here’s how:

Transaction Monitoring

Transactions are sent to us by Plaid. You can learn more about their security practices on their security page, but in short, they tokenize and encrypt sensitive data and advocate for the broader use of these protocols throughout the industry. They have passed a SOC 2 audit and regularly undergo compliance and pen testing.

Donation Payments

When you make a donation, we use Stripe to process the payment. They are fully PCI-DSS compliant for all payments with client-side tokenization in Stripe Elements or iOS and Android bindings. No sensitive data hits our servers, so it’s more secure across all ends.


Using facebook authentication enables us to bypass the need of storing credentials on our servers, which provides an additional layer of security across the application.

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