SpareChange for Non-Profits

Thanks for stopping by! This page serves as a guide for non-profits to take advantage of all that SpareChange has to offer. SpareChange wants to empower non-profits to to do their best to make a positive impact in our communities and world as a whole. Have any questions? Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you! Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page Lets spare some change and change some lives together!

Spread the Word

use our specially crafted templates to spread the word about SpareChange to your donors


Here's everything SpareChange offers

Non-Profit Search

Find the perfect non-profit organization using SpareChange. From programs to financials, you'll have the information you need to make a solid decision on who should get your donation

Simple Donations

To help your favorite non-profit organization right away, make a one time donation

Scheduled Donations

You can also choose to donate weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Your call!

Triggered Donations

Want to donate $1 each time you buy a cup of coffee? Or $2 each time you spend money at the bar? We got you covered.

Create a Challenge

Help your favorite non-profit organization by creating a challenge with a goal and sharing it across your social networks


Tax Receipts

We make it easy for you to report your donations at the end of the year by providing you with a full breakdown of all donations made on the app for the year

You + Us

You already took the first step!

SpareChange partners with Guidestar, giving us us detailed information for all 1.9+ million 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations across the United States, including yours!

Data we consume

We get general information about your non-profit such as address, financials, names and contact number of organizational members, websites, logos, and various other tax-related information.

Control your data!

If there is missing and/or wrong information on your organization’s profile, simply go to Guidestar Profile Update and make the changes you need. It’s that easy!

Boost Your Fundraising

Continuous Micro Donations

SpareChange helps users attach micro donations to purchases, which enables you to benefit from each dollar raised. If the average SpareChanger raises about $20 in a given month, and 50 of them select you as their trigger recipient, that gives you an extra $1,000 of continuous monthly donations.

Events and Fundraisers

We make it easy for anyone at a fundraising event to donate to your organization by scanning QR codes which can be generated by visiting the SpareChange QR Code Generator portal (coming soon). No more hassling with check and credit card donations at your event. Let us handle that!

Simplify Donation Handling

SpareChange aggregates all donations to your non-profit and sends you one lump sum with a detailed donation report, allowing you to focus on your true mission instead of handling donations.

Promote Your Non-Profit

Featured Non-Profit

Be the first non-profit organization users see when they open SpareChange. It’s a great way for you to tell your story and increase your donation volume. Users can directly donate to any featured non-profit!


Boost Search Results

Drive users to learn about and donate to your non-profit by boosting your non-profit’s search results to the top. Users will see your non-profit first for related searches, increasing your hits and donation volume. (Coming soon)


Get Started!

Email us at to find a solution that fits best for you. Best of all, there is no cost to you!

We Need Your Help

As you can see, SpareChange can be a valuable addition to your donation processing needs. However, we want you to also gain deeper insights on your donor base, increase high fidelity engagement opportunities with your donors and give you the opportunity to focus your marketing for the maximum return on your investment. Here are a few ways we’re approaching this idea:


Donor Notifications

Engage and fundraise with donors and followers of your organization


Gain more visibility with prospect donors by advertising in the app


Integrate SpareChange portal with your existing CMS solution


Get customized reports on trends, fundraising opportunities, advertisement to donation costs and more

Social Media

Simpler way to manage social media ads to millennials and gen-xers

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